Health Analysis & Treatments

Inbody Scan:
Personal PEMF Analysis
R300 per treatment
Rental packages available
FIR Light Therapy
1 month  @ R1200 (unlimited treatments)
6 months @ R899 per month  (unlimited treatments)
12 months  @ R599 per month (unlimited treatments)


Liposculpt Thermogel:
Liposculpt Detox Balance:
Exfoliating Sponge:

Aromathereapy Treatments for Her and Him

Lymph Drainage Massage:
30 min. R280
Indian Head Massage:
30 min. R280
Foot Reflexology:
30 min. R300
Foot Spa, Scrub & Massage:
30 min. R300
Hand Soak, Scrub & Massage:
30 min. R300

Aromatherapy Treatments for Her

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage:
60 Min. R500
45 Min. R400
30 Min. R280
Full Body Scrub:
30 Min. R270
Full Body Scrub & Massage:
60 Min. R600


Canamere Alpha 100ml
Canamere Alpha is a proprietary liquid health supplement made with concentrated botanical substances that are extracted at low temperatures and without synthetic chemicals or GMO-ingredients in the manufacturing process or final product.

Alpha an Ultra-Bioactive (super-absorbable) nutritional dose of full spectrum nutrient groups, groups such as phyto-cannabinoids (non-cannabis sources), turmerones, curcuminoids, boswellic acids and more.
Canamere Aruca
Aruca™ is a 100% natural, proprietary combination supplement, refered to as a 'foundational supplement', and Canamere's design behind this product was to support you foundationally and according to the main pillars of stress the body takes by living in a modern industrial culture. Aruca™ is a complex scientific formula that has combined a medley of unique plant characteristics in a nutritional, capsulated form, ready to easily be incorporated into your lifestyle.
Canamere Meduca
Meduca™ is an Endocannabinoid Support Supplement that is 100% natural, and made from commercial European grown hemp combined with MCT coconut extract.Meduca is a 30ml product with 450mg of CBD/CBDa combined with other naturally occuring cannabinoids present such as CBC, CBCa, CBGa, CBG & CBN.
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