I was diagnosed with November 2011 with Diffused B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Doctors gave me 12 weeks to live if I decided not to start Chemo treatment immediately.  

After chemo, stem cell transplants and radio therapy over a 2-year period I was in remission. 

Physically, I no longer enjoyed getting 70% of daily tasks out because I'm just too tired, and permanently in pain. Tons of blood tests were done to see why I was just getting weaker and had eternal pain throughout my body. I was in and out of hospital every month because of infections and never became healthy again. I had permanent lung, eyes and sinus infections. 

It was found in 2013 that all the treatments had damaged my Immune system and my body couldn’t heal from the infections. It became life threatening; ending in ICU every month. Blood tests showed that my immune system was almost eradicated, and I got PolyGram treatment every 28 days to build up my immune system synthetically. With the PolyGram treatment my immune count was still below the required level. 

It did help to get fewer infections, but colds still made me end up in hospital and I couldn’t move in public as I had to avoid any bacteria or infections. 

I was frustrated, this was a life sentence if I did not have the chemo monthly my body will degenerate and I will die within 2 to 3 months  due to a non-excitant immune system and my body would not  be able to heal or repair itself. 

January 26, 2019, I came toRejuvenate X360 with hope and faith this was my last chance. If this wasn’t going to work, I might as well die. The team at Rejuvenate X360 worked hard with me every day not only with nutrition and treatments, but also through counselling my spirit eye opened and I realised that my Father's plan was not death. I postponed my chemo treatment to see if this new protocol could work. Every day was a new challenge. I could feel the toxicity and pain that was build up over 8 years leaving my body. Every day I could feel my energy increasing. When I got here and could not even walk 300 meters without an asthma attack. I now walk 14 to 16 km a day without an asthma pump and no pain.

We then did the blood tests after 4 weeks of treatment my immune system levels were normal and the specialist said I no longer needed to get chemotherapy.

I'm completely healed after 8 years of struggle.

Kempen Claassens